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Hi, this is a blog written by a mom of twins, a Finn married to a Dane, living in a bilingual – soon trilingual – family, and moving from Denmark to New Zealand. This blog is about culture differences, intercultural communication, bilingual kids, personal story of our move to New Zealand – and whatever will be my passion when we get to NZ 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

Nordic refers, obviously, to my Nordic origins. Dowager, however, mainly for me being a widow of my origins as living abroad, on the other side of the world.

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Hi, I´m the author of this blog. Previously a working mother of twins, a Finn, living in Denmark. Now turning into a full-time mom, expat wife, living in New Zealand as a “widow of the Nordic”. Our journey from Denmark to New Zealand is just beginning (April 2021) and this blog is following our route from the very beginning. Read more

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