New Zealand Lockdown 2021 vs. Denmark Lockdown 2020

New Zealand went into lockdown 5 days ago after one community case in Auckland. Today, there are around 70 cases in the community, both in Auckland and in Wellington. The whole country is in lockdown and people should stay at home and in their bubble. Lockdown in Denmark in 2020 Denmark went into lockdown on 14th March in 2020. When PM Mette Frederiksen announced this … Continue reading New Zealand Lockdown 2021 vs. Denmark Lockdown 2020

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This blog is about a Finnish-Danish family´s journey from Denmark to New Zealand. We are a bilingual and bicultural family about to become a trilingual and tricultural one. The posts are about our travels, experiences and observations both about New Zealand but surely also reflecting how we see Denmark and Finland after living some time on the other side of the world. Welcome to join … Continue reading