Flying to New Zealand during Covid-19 pandemic

It has been quiet here in my blog. I got very busy with packing and cleaning up our house for our tenants. Oh, the level of stress!

Last days in Denmark before the flight to New Zealand

The view over Copenhagen on our last night in Denmark

We decided to spend the last night at an airport hotel in Copenhagen. It was the easiest way to exit our house without stressing about the breakfast and shower and cleaning up after that. Not to mention to booking a taxi that can room all our luggage.

We left our house first to get vaccinated. We had our second shot of Pfizer booked for Sunday at 16:30. After the shots my husband drove me and the kids to the hotel and he drove back to the house to clean up the last bits and to get our luggage. We had borrowed a car from a friend (sold our car earlier that week) and my father-in-law was helping as well.

Hubby finally got the hotel with our luggage just before the EURO2020 soccer final Italy-England. He forgot to take a bottle of champagne with him from home (good for our tenants – it will be waiting for them in the fridge) so we ordered a bottle of cava (expensive enough – prizes in Denmark are insane) and sighed of relief. At least we got our home ready for the tenants, vaccines before moving to New Zealand, and all luggage to the hotel.

Flying to New Zealand during the pandemic

We got these green bands when arriving at Singapore to mark that we were transiting (I guess)
Plenty of space to sleep.
Almost there!

We booked the fastest route from Copenhagen to Auckland and that was Copenhagen-Singapore-Auckland. It took a long time to get all the documents approved at the airport in CPH. They needed to f.ex. check negative covid-19 tests, border exemption documents, latest possible changes at the borders… Finally we got rid of most of our luggage and could continue to the security check.

The flight was on time and there were very few people onboard. It took 11,5 hours to fly to Singapore and you needed to wear a mask during the flight (Singapore Airlines). Thanks to the empty vessel, we could have one row each and it was easy to stretch out and sleep during the flight. It was night time in CPH when we arrived at SIN and the twins were tired.

Due to the pandemic there were not many people at the airport and everything was closed. We did not quite know what to do when we arrived at Singapore. First we tried to find out the next gate for the flight to Auckland but did not find any information. We ended up asking the personnel in hazmat suits and they told us we would be called when the gate was open and we would then be followed to the gate as a group.

Then all we could do was wait. They called us when we were to move on to the gate and we stood in line to be checked once again. It felt like a statist in a catastrophe movie every now and then with half closed airport, people in hazmat suits checking our temperature and everybody keeping distance and wearing masks.

At the gate we found out that the flight to Auckland was delayed due to bad weather. Luckily, only for about 30 minutes. The flight to Auckland took about 9,5 hours. There were slightly more people onboard than on the first flight but we still managed to get one row each and we slept 6 hours before arriving at Auckland.

Essentials for me to take with me when flying 24 hours almost non-stop:

  • ear plugs – could not have survived the crying, yelling kiddo close to us without earplugs.
  • eye mask – I used eye mask (and face mask) when I slept and it was the perfect way for me to “log out”.
  • noise cancelling headphones – I used them mostly to see films. Perfect way to block all the noise from outside and concentrate on the film.
  • Extra socks and warm sweater – I needed this when sleeping 🙂

Arrival at Auckland airport

Everything at the airport in Auckland went smoothly. We went through several check points, where we showed passports, Covid-19 test results, border exemptions documents etc. After the last check point we went into a bus and saw the name of the isolation hotel that was given to us: Grand Millennium in Auckland. We did not get this information before arriving at Auckland airport. We had been hoping for a transfer flight to Christchurch, which is our final destination, but on the other hand we were happy that we would not have to travel any longer that day.

The bus ride to the hotel was short and in my next post I will tell about living in managed isolation hotel with two kids.

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      1. Good to know! I mostly missed Finnish rye bread in Denmark and that will be the case here as well. I think they have Danish rugbrød in some bakery in Chch – need to find that..

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