Piece of cake

flea market rack

Flea market by the street and online

This morning at 6:04 I sold our sofa bed in the office. I put it on sale online last evening. The room is getting empty now – only my office chair, office desk and wine fridge are left. Well, that is pretty much all I need for the coming few weeks – wine and work…

We also had a few days´ experiment with a self-service flea market outside our house. I put a rack of clothes, some toys and books by the road with a sign, that people are welcome to take what they think they can use and pay (via mobile phone) what they think it is worth. We did that for 4 days and earned around 150€. Some of the clothes got stolen but a lot of people did pay for what they took. The twins were helping out by sorting out the rack, bringing back the hangers and bringing out new clothes to be sold. Yesterday I used all the money to buy new clothes for the twins. I had decided not to buy anything before moving to New Zealand but well, those online shops are damn good to advertise their flash sales and I am apparently weak for kids´ clothing..

Planning a party

We are going to throw a party for the twins´ classmates and another one for family friends in June. For the kids I am going to get a polaroid camera and photo booth – yes, 10yo kids love taking selfies and they do have mobile phones. But with polaroid camera we can have the actual photographs and get an album for all the guests, which they can decorate and write messages etc. That will keep them busy at least for an hour, right?

For the friends I have planned to serve cocktails. I recently discovered that we have a lot of booze – for example 15 different bottles of gin… My husband is not only food enthusiast but also collects wine – and apparently also gin. We do have a shaker and some other equipment for creating cocktails but I try not to involve the engineer in this planning because I am certain he would find a gadget we do not have but absolutely need for the party..

The twins also turn 10yo in a few weeks. That calls for some other gatherings, at least within the family. All the festivities need to be held outside due to Covid-19. Luckily the situation with Covid-19 is quite good in Denmark and our region at the moment so I am confident we can organize these parties outside in the garden. It is also easy and free of charge to be tested in Denmark so we will certainly ask people to do that before they come. The older family members have gotten their vaccinations and that is a big relief.

So far things run smoothly and without stress. Moving to New Zealand does not feel so real yet – but the disappearing furniture in the house and the reality, that I will stop working in few weeks do send some signals that something is going on. I have surprised myself by being able to take everything very calmly, day by day, and not getting stressed over details. When I stop working, I will probably start stressing over things that should be done, sold or sorted.

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