Piece by piece

Three months to the D-Day

I am usually quite organized and like to do excel-lists and plans and really get into details – usually way too early. This time I try to be more relaxed and concentrate on the bigger picture. What is really important? Renting out our house in Denmark is important and also takes a little time and effort. We have been living in our house for 6 years now and it is filled with stuff that we will never need. We don´t know if the future tenant wants to rent the house furnished or not…

Konmari our way

I started sorting everything out by accident when I put some closets on sale. Turned out they were interesting (and probably very cheap) as they got sold right away. That resulted in bunks of clothes (mostly my husband´s) and weird gadgets and odd random equipment (also mostly my husband´s) I did not know we had, being everywhere. So we needed to go through all that and decide what to do with them. I would love to live minimalistic so now was the chance! Every piece of clothing or “stuff” got a very fast evaluation: do I know what this is? will I miss it if I throw it away? can I give it to someone or maybe sell it?

Stuff we lost in the process

I don´t know how much money we have spent on CDs and DVDs… Anyhow, we had a lot of them. The Finnish ones I gave away to Finns having Finnish speaking kids. CDs got thrown away. Husband updated his wardrobe and woop – 2 big plastic bags were given to the local charity shop. The biggest inventory task so far has been the stuff from our office furniture. How many USB-sticks can one have?? Looks like I have a dozen from every job I´ve had since 2008 (quite a few). And of course, the only one I wanted to find was missing. Went through all the paperwork and thought that maybe that work contract from 1997 or receipt for my first bike in Denmark (2008) were not that important to save anymore..

Recycling – Money in my pocket and free space in the storage

In addition to the furniture, I have also sold kids´ toys and clothes. Luckily, they have good apps for selling second-hand in Denmark and it is free to use them. I have not calculated my income for selling out our belongings – it is more relevant to get rid of the things we do not need anymore. Any money in the pocket for that is a plus. Not to mention the environmental aspect when recycling something that very well can be used by someone else. Now, when I finish writing this, I will put up a little garage sale by our road – people can take what they think they can use and pay by mobile pay what ever they can / feel it is worth. Excited to see the results…

What ends up in the storage

We will only take a few luggage with us so of course, we need to put quite a lot in the storage here in Denmark. That will be the clothes that survive the evaluation: have I worn this during the last 12 months? No – sell / bin, Yes – to NZ/storage. Some of the furniture needs to go there, too. Not that much, though. The kids´ rooms will be refurbished when we get back – from little girls´ rooms to teenager rooms (omg!). Our bedroom will be renovated, too, when we get back. But we have tons of glasses, plates, vases (although I never seem to find any, when somebody gives me flowers..), serving dishes… Quite a few have some stories behind them and I kind of want to keep most of them. The rest I will try to give away to some students / young people moving away from home. We also have a piece of kitchen equipment for every occasion as my husband looooves to cook – and he is an engineer. No need to elaborate, I guess. Every single machine is obviously very important so they need to go to the storage. Like also the triathlon bike, mountain bike, racing bike and the training equipment for bike training inside during winter months… You get the picture.

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