Second thoughts

I have always done this, my whole life. I get excited about something big and get dedicated and do not give up before I have turned every stone to achieve my goal. Then I start hesitating and second guessing after succeeding – like now.

Moving to the other side of the world with kids

My biggest concern is our twins. The other one is very happy-go-lucky and does not worry too much about the next day. The other one, however, is very unhappy about moving to NZ. Listening to her thoughts is tough and makes me think if this is the right thing to do. Am I going to make my kids´ life a misery. Taking them away from their friends, home and everything they love here in Denmark. What if they don´t learn the language, have problems getting friends, hate New Zealand… What if, what if.

How to make the move easier for all of us

If we did not have the pandemic, I would hire a tutor for the twins to get some extra help with English. Maybe that will be possible in the spring, I really hope so. Otherwise I will start the tutoring myself.

We will arrive in NZ with 4 suitcases in the middle of the night, local time. We need to find a house where to live in Christchurch. I will try to narrow down the areas in the city – but it is hard when you know so little. My most important criteria are a good school for the girls and a solid house or flat on the ground floor that does not fall apart in case of an earthquake (omg -cannot even think about those). It should be close to my husbands office so that he does not have to commute a long time and also close enough some kind of center with shops and city life. Sounds simple but when you know very little about the town and country you are moving to, you end up searching and reading very controversial opinions given by people you don´t know.

We only live once

Every time I start thinking about the scary things about moving and second guessing our decision I find it comforting to asking myself: If you decided not to move because of being scared – would you regret not taking the chance? I know I would – we would regret the rest of our life not giving the opportunity a chance. So after all, the decision was not that hard. We only live once – and we have been lucky to have this opportunity to explore the world and show our kids that the world is full of possibilities.

One thought on “Second thoughts

  1. How exciting. Christchurch was a beautiful city prior to the quake and one that I considered retiring to – until the quakes. I think the city council has done a lot of work to sort the liquefaction issues so it gives people confidence to stay.

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