Moving to New Zealand gets real

In the beginning it was just a dream

Quite a few years ago we visited New Zealand and fell in love with the country. The same time my husband was contacted by a headhunter, who asked if he could think of moving to Australia or New Zealand. Well, after the trip to North Island we definitely could think of that!

However, the timing was not right and we stayed in Denmark. Years went by, our twins got older, economical situation changed and suddenly it could be possible for us to think about moving to the other side of the world. But hey – shit happens – or virus – and we did not think it was possible to move anywhere.

New Zealand and Covid-19

The Kiwis did what the rest of the world could not – they beat the virus and found out the way how to control the possible outbreaks. We were offered professional help in case we wanted to move to NZ and decided to accept it. Suddenly we got a mail that we had been granted a border exemption. Now all we needed to do is to book a quarantine hotel and flights. Sounds easy but it was not. The hotel rooms were booked for the coming 3 months and that´s it. We checked the page regularly and one night – early morning in NZ – they had added more months and dates for hotel booking. We had to act fast and also book the flights as you needed to give those when booking. The dates disappeared as we were booking so it was very lucky that we saw the dates before going to bed that night. Only after having booked the rooms and flights we looked at each other and said – we are moving to New Zealand!

Long list of things to do for moving from Copenhagen to Christchurch

Although we have had this dream for years, we kind of gave up a little after the pandemic and did not think about the practical things. Now, as the reality of the moving in few months hit us, we have a long list of tasks to do. Rent out our house, sell our car, finish the changes we started last spring in our garden, find out where to put our stuff that we are not taking with us… I do not mind the list – doing stuff you know how is easy. I am more worried about the things I cannot control, don´t know and can only see once in NZ. But that will be the topic of my next post.

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