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This blog is about a Finnish-Danish family´s journey from Denmark to New Zealand. We are a bilingual and bicultural family about to become a trilingual and tricultural one. The posts are about our travels, experiences and observations both about New Zealand but surely also reflecting how we see Denmark and Finland after living some time on the other side of the world. Welcome to join … Continue reading

How we chose a school for our kids in New Zealand

Our twins are 10-years-old and they loved their school in Denmark. They went to the same school and same class – they have been together since they started in daycare and that has never been anything but positive. I knew it would be important for us all, that the twins got into a nice school. First, how we chose the city where to live in … Continue reading How we chose a school for our kids in New Zealand

New Zealand Lockdown 2021 vs. Denmark Lockdown 2020

New Zealand went into lockdown 5 days ago after one community case in Auckland. Today, there are around 70 cases in the community, both in Auckland and in Wellington. The whole country is in lockdown and people should stay at home and in their bubble. Lockdown in Denmark in 2020 Denmark went into lockdown on 14th March in 2020. When PM Mette Frederiksen announced this … Continue reading New Zealand Lockdown 2021 vs. Denmark Lockdown 2020

Before the normal life hits us

We had about a week and a half between our release from MIQ and before my husband should start working. We spent the first 4 nights in an AirBnB in Christchurch, Riccarton and one day trip to Kaikoura before we got the keys to our house in Sumner. Then we left for a skiing holiday in Queenstown. This post is a short summary of those … Continue reading Before the normal life hits us

Staying in managed isolation hotel in New Zealand

Our final destination is Christchurch but we were sent to an isolation hotel in Auckland. Below an overview of our stay at Grand Millennium hotel. 14 days we will never forget! Arriving at the hotel in Auckland We arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night. However, we were still in Copenhagen time, so for us it was daytime and no problem. A … Continue reading Staying in managed isolation hotel in New Zealand

Flying to New Zealand during Covid-19 pandemic

It has been quiet here in my blog. I got very busy with packing and cleaning up our house for our tenants. Oh, the level of stress! Last days in Denmark before the flight to New Zealand We decided to spend the last night at an airport hotel in Copenhagen. It was the easiest way to exit our house without stressing about the breakfast and … Continue reading Flying to New Zealand during Covid-19 pandemic

Visiting home before The Move

I wanted to take our twins to visit my parents before moving to New Zealand. We have not seen them since last summer and who knows when we are returning from New Zealand and see them again. I applied for the Danish citizenship some years ago, when it became possible to have dual citizenship in Denmark. My main motive was to be able to vote … Continue reading Visiting home before The Move

Missing piece

I had my last day at work last week. It feels frightening not having a job or not really knowing what I am going to do the next couple of years. It feels like a piece of me is missing. Your job and identity I would define my professional identity with Before and After Teaching. I studied languages and pedagogical studies in Finland and eventually … Continue reading Missing piece

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Hygge in Denmark

I must say I love living in Denmark and have not even considered moving back to Finland. There are many good things about Denmark and here are my top 3: 1. Hygge hygge/ˈh(j)uːɡə,ˈhʊɡə/Lær at udtale noun a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture). Sometimes it feels like the purpose … Continue reading Hygge in Denmark